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Name:Liber Omne Omnis
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You might have heard of Liber Omne Omnis, but probably not. You may have heard it called The Ominous Library. Either way, you find yourself standing in a gigantic library, filled with thousands of books. This is one small part of Libre Omne Omnis. Like many others before you, you've been drawn to a Library that exists between all realities. The books on the shelves contain the stories and histories of every reality and almost every person who ever existed. New books appear almost every day, to be sorted and shelved by the Teachers, an order of scholars dedicated to knowledge and sharing it.

Don't worry. You can come and go, as you please. The books are not mere paper, filled with precious words. They are portals to the realities they tell about. Any world or reality you've ever heard of can be accessed from the Library. Wonderland, Narnia, Neverland? All of these are at your fingertips. Merely take up the book and go adventuring! Beware though. Some realms are sweet places, but others are not. For every Land of Oz, there is a Land of Mordor. The Librarian will not be pleased, if you come back to the Library with Cthulhu on your heels!

The Library itself is not entirely safe. The Librarian does his or her best, but the books are easily opened and not always from the Library side. An unwary Reader is likely to stumble across an infestation of tribbles or find a plate of cookies that say Eat Me. Consume unattended food and drink at your own risk. Some things, despite the best efforts of the staff, have taken up permanent residence in the Library. More than one ghost now haunts the shelves in the horror section. Strange plants, animals, and voices should be reported immediately. More than one person has gone home, after a few hours.

For those wanting to stay, the City of Liber provides free housing and the Library provides free meals and simple clothing. However, there is commerce in the city and every vendor will accept any known coin from the different realities. The people who find their way to the Library and the City of Liber are called Readers. Any Reader is free to start their own business, go to work for someone else, or simply spend their time adventuring.

Be warned! If you choose to engage in criminal activity, the Librarian is not a dusty person who puts away books. The office of Librarian exists to protect the Library and the City from anyone who would endanger it or the Readers. The Librarian is authorized to do whatever is necessary to keep the peace. You will get a trial, with a jury made up of Teachers, but Library justice is swift, if rarely fatal. If you get yourself into trouble in another reality, you are on your own, unless you can convince a friend to help you.

Upon entrance to the Library, every Reader is given a watch-like device, with a small video screen. The device can be used for audio, video, and texting communication. It works everywhere, no matter what the reality a person is in. The device also has a tracking device, making it easier to return to the Library. A Reader can still find their way back, without it, but it will be far more difficult and take more time. If you have any questions or problems, please speak with the Librarian.
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